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A Central Processing Unit

Posted: January 18th, 2019

As you can imagine, a computer is made up of multiple devices that work together to perform the actions programmed into it. One of these is called the CPU, or central processing unit. Performing most of the processing inside your computer, this unit controls the flow of data and instructions amongst the different parts of the computer.

The central processing unit uses the chipset within the motherboard to act out multiple instructions. The CPU is made of two components necessary for the computer to function properly, the Control Unit and the Arithmetic Logic Unit.

The Control Unit takes instructions from the memory of the computer, decodes them for understanding, and then executes them appropriately.

The Arithmetic Logic Unit, or ALU, focuses on the operations that need arithmetic and logic to solve.

Basically the heart and brain, the CPU is vastly important to keeping a healthy and virus free computer.

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